About Us

Since 2009, the Aly & Izy Foundation [registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization] has been dedicated to providing families of premature or critically ill infants requiring treatment in the Special Care Nursery in the Sacramento and surrounding areas, a resting place for families, conveniently located on hospital grounds. The RV 4 Preemies program provides an RV to families in need free of charge.

The RV for Preemies helps in the following ways:

  • To reduce the financial hardships stowed upon families by extensive travel to and from the hospital   (Hotels/Motel cost, fuel etc.)
  • Provide families a place to rest and relax during their stressful, emotional and physically draining time
  • Allows families to be close to their premature or critically ill newborns 24 hours a day
  • Having these RV's on hospital grounds at a minimal to no cost to the families is one less thing for them to worry about, during their time of need.

Our Foundation also provides comforting carepackages, bereavement items, gas cards, bedrest support and an online support group for NICU Families.

Dustin & Cyndi Mitchell~ Founders

Mitchell Family photo

The Aly & Izy Foundation (AIF) was created out of love and consideration to families of babies requiring treatment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in October 2009 by founders Dustin and Cyndi Mitchell. As parents of twin girls born premature and having to stay in the NICU, the founders know first-hand how emotionally and physically draining this can be. The founders started AIF to help the babies and families during this stressful time to help make a NICU stay a lil' warm and cozy.